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About The Chamber

About the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

As the voice for Utah Valley business, we lead, convene, & influence to strengthen an already dynamic business climate that supports all sectors of our economy & delivers member value. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce's mission is to build relationships, advocate principle-based public policy, & promote business & community prosperity. We are established as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Our governing body is the Board of Directors made up of volunteer business leaders from throughout Utah Valley.


The Vision for the Valley

By 2065, Utah County will add 1 million people to its population, 85% from internal growth. We are planning for healthy & meaningful places for our kids to have places to work, live, learn, & play. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce has six committees dedicated to bringing this vision to life through policy and community action:


Workforce and Education Development

Housing Gap


Health Systems Reform

Natural Resources

Business Environment

Principles of Prosperity

The Principles of Prosperity represent the timeless guiding principles that have brought Utah Valley to it's current state of economic prosperity. Utilizing these same principles, we can continue to improve the valley and ensure a future of even greater prosperity.

  1. Chop wood, Carry Water
  2. Spend less than you earn
  3. Measure twice, cut once
  4. Give more than you take
  5. Empowerment, not entitlement
  6. Pay it forward
  7. Give a hand up, not a handout
  8. Leave it better than you found it
  9. Welcome everyone
  10. Be a role model

Community Partners


Government Organizations

Business, Policy and Trade Partners

Educational Institutions

History of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Utah Valley drew settlers to its rich soils and plentiful agriculture throughout the second half of the 19th century. Wilson H. Dusenberry recognized the need to create an organization that would support and promote business in the area. In September of 1887, he joined with James Dunn and A.A. Noon to create the Provo Chamber of Commerce. Within the first year, the chamber united sixty members, and boasted of its unparalleled success in economic development and support.

Provo’s original Chamber members referred to the region as the “garden city” and basked in the revels of its abundant agriculture. At the time, the Chamber of Commerce excitedly pushed along projects like the building of the Provo Tabernacle and promoting the beautiful Provo Opera House. Members of the chamber made commitments to promote the growth, development, and success of its resident businesses. One of the first Chamber members commented that Provo and the surrounding area was “destined to be a great city, none who know her opportunities, or who appreciate the extent of her resources can doubt.”

The Provo Chamber of Commerce continued to grow as a member business network for nearly a century. In 1985, the Provo and Orem Chambers merged to form the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce, which was led by Steve Densley for 30 years. Densley worked tirelessly to promote positive business relationships with local companies. In 2010, the Chamber transformed yet again; it became the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, spreading to include 25 cities throughout the area.

Shortly after this change, Val Hale became the Chamber President/CEO for two years. He was followed by Rona Rahlf, who led the Chamber as President/CEO for six years, retiring in 2020. The new President will be selected in the coming months. Today, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce still sits in Provo, the heart of the county, but it reaches to serve and support the entire Utah Valley area.

Today the Chamber is heavily involved in public policy, business, and community. The Chamber maintains also positive relationships with educational institutions in the area, including Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, and Mountainland Technology College. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce provides resources and events for all groups within the community, from small businesses and startups to women in the professional workplace.

The Utah Valley area has undoubtedly evolved over the past 128 years and the Chamber has evolved with the needs of the community. Our mission is to build relationships, advocate principle-based public policy, and promote business and community prosperity. The Chamber welcomes all who are interested to help fulfill its vision of making Utah Valley a better place to live, play, and work.

Past Chairs

Ron Tiffany
Best Stores

Duane Herbert
Crown Development

Lewis K. Billings
Ironton Development Corp.

David L. Voegele
State Farm Insurance

Joe Nelson
J.C. Penny

John M. Aldrich
First Colony Mortgage Corp.

Mary V. Wheeler
Coldwell Bank

Dick Chappell
Utah Technical College

Ron King
Squire and Company

Joyce W. Johnson
ZCMI Corporation

Bill Fillmore
Bill Fillmore, P.C.

Brad Whittaker
Utah Power and Light

Wilford Clyde
Geneva Rick

Keven Stratton
Smith Stratton Law, Cascade Fairways

John Petersen
Nu Skin International

Daril Magleby
Pizza Factory

Mark Robinson
Robinson, Seiler, Glazier

Larry Ellertson
Utah Power & Light

Murphy Winfield
Intermountain Healthcare

Mike Vanchiere
Deseret Certified Development

Al Manzi
The Daily Herald

Delynn Rodeback
Rocky Mountain Power

Dave Cutler

Kim Nielsen
Intermountain Healthcare

Mike Mann
Select Health

Jon Anderson
Commerce CRG

John Lewis
Brigham Young University

Rona Rahlf
The Daily Herald

Val Hale
Utah Valley University

Steve Smoot
Intermountain Healthcare

Nathan Hyde
IM Flash Technologies

Arthur Newell
Banner Bank

Tim Larsen

Scott Barlow
Revere Health

Cameron Martin
Utah Valley University

Jeremy Hafen

Chris Yadon
Younique Foundation


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