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Workforce Education

Utah Valley’s economy ranks among the best in the country and is the heartbeat of our state’s economy. Attracting, training, and keeping qualified employees remain as one of the main challenges facing Utah County companies.

The economic prosperity of our region is dependent upon the access to and development of a workforce talent-pipeline that can create new and accelerate existing businesses. Alignment of education programs with the labor needs and expectation of industry that feed the talent pipeline is critical. Yet, according to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, less than one third of employers feel that recent college graduates are ready for the workplace. Business, education and government must work collaboratively to ensure Utah’s students are college and career ready.

Improved alignment of talent development strategies with workforce demands is critical to our future economic prosperity. Funding must increase to meet the needs of more faculty and facilities as well as attracting students to meet the ever-growing demands of industry.

We recognize that competency-based learning and hiring benefit individuals and employers. We support policies and programs that strengthen Utah’s workforce and talent pipeline. Additionally, we recognize that criminal justice reform is a part of the workforce discussion. Therefore, we support efforts to explore alternative talent pipelines through criminal justice reform.


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