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Water Quality and Quantity

Utah’s society and economy were founded upon and continue to depend upon a reliable, safe water supply.  Residents have come to expect clean, pure water in enough quantity and quality to sustain their lives and grow their economies.  Water sources, water rights, and the related infrastructure must be carefully planned, protected, constructed, maintained and operated to provide the necessary water for expected growth.

The Utah Valley Chamber recognizes the importance of the wise use and conservation of existing water, the replacement and repair of aging water infrastructure, and the ability to plan and fund new water projects to ensure adequate water for the future. We urge the legislature to encourage water conservation, long-range planning, and to provide the tools and policies to permit adequate repair and replacement of water infrastructure.

Utah Lake plays a vital role in Utah County and has the potential to be a crowning jewel in our community. We support efforts to clean up Utah Lake and make it an attractive destination for all.

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