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Ray and Janette Beckham



Ray Beckham and Janette Callister Hales have each invested most of their adult years in Provo and the Utah Valley community. In 1994, they became acquainted and later married after meeting in the parking lot that adjoined the Relief Society Building of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints where Janette, a widow, was serving as a President of the Young Women Organization of The Church. Ray, a widower, was leaving the Joseph Smith Building where he was serving as a missionary in the Public Affairs Office the The Church.

In 1998, Ray and Janette Beckham were asked to serve on The Church Olympic Committee in preparation for the 2002 SLC Winter Games. Faith, family, freedom, education, politics, athletics and community service have been the priorities and have filled the lives of each of the Beckhams.

Janette was appointed and then elected the Utah State Legislature in 1988, just shortly after the untimely death, of cancer, of her husband Dr. Robert Hales. She was also called to the General Board of The Church Primary. Being called as a Counselor in the YW Presidency and assignments to the Boards of the Church Education System and Deseret Book ended Janette's further availability for public office.

Ray had been a successful administrator and PhD faculty member for 42 years at Brigham Young University. He was successful in organizing fund raising for the Marriott Center and football stadium as well as developing the Aspen Grove Alumni Camp. His BYU commitment allowed a year in Washington working on the Reagan campaign and three years as Mission President in Calgary, Canada. Ray valued his relationships as work at NuSkin Enterprises following his BYU retirement.

Following the Olympics, Ray dived into projects to enhance downtown Provo including support of the Crandall Printing Museum. He enthusiastically gave support to the bond and the building of the Prov Recreation Center. His last 90th birthday was celebrated there with the gift of a free outing the every 4th grade student in the Provo School District.

Having grown up in Utah Valley, Janette committed to then UVSC where she served on the Board and as Chairman of the Trustees as they dedicated a new library, gained full University status and hired President Matthew Holland.

In Janette's words, "Titles are temporary, but it is a luxury to be remembered as a contributor, a booster, a friend, or a teacher.


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