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    Benefits of Joining the Utah Valley Chamber

    The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and professional men and women who have voluntarily joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic and commercial progress of their community. To you that means:



    Investment in the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce returns big dividends directly to you:

    • Networking
    • Advertising
    • Monthly Events for Employee Incentives and Rewards
    • Discounts
    • Community Service Opportunities
    • Exposure to New Markets
    • Contacts with Fellow Business People
    • The Benefits Never End…



    As part of the big picture, members gain valuable exposure through newsletter articles, press releases, and sponsorship opportunities.



    Quality of life in our community is of primary importance. Whatever the scope of involvement or type of activity, remember that growth doesn't just happen – progress is made through the combined efforts of many people working together. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce provides a forum for such action through its leads groups, women's business network and other various community councils and events.



    We realize the limits on your time, especially in an era of uncertain markets and budget controls. But, it is only through volunteer involvement that the Utah Valley Chamber represents the voice of the business and professional community and conveys its message loud and clear. Various Chamber committees and events create a forum for participation and personal growth.



    As a member of this team of community leaders, you hold the key to making things happen. Your ideas, input, and actions are translated into results. YOU are the Chamber, striving to make our community a better place to live and work.



    Now, more than ever before, your views must be made known to our elected officials. Through our Government Review Council, education programs, news releases, speakers, contacts, and lobbyists, we promote your views and the benefits of free enterprise to the community and legislature.


     Become a member of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce!