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We provide the leadership to influence, convene, inform, celebrate and develop a thriving community. 

Effective leadership is essential. All organizations need effective leaders to achieve organizational goals and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.  At the Chamber, we work to help develop and strengthen local leaders by providing the resources needed to succeed, such as economic data specific to our valley, business intelligence and peer to peer connections.

The Utah Valley Chamber is leading the Utah Valley Visioning initiative. It is engaging residents and stakeholders in a process that establishes a community-supported vision for growth in Utah County. The vision will act as a voluntary yet powerful framework to underpin future planning and implementation in the county. This framework will benefit from strong momentum and broad, demonstrated support as it is implemented through public, private, nonprofit and partnership activities.The Valley Visioning process will explore potential growth decisions, and at the conclusion of the process, policy makers and leaders will know which goals and planning strategies resonate best with residents and stakeholders as ways to achieve desired outcomes in priority areas; education aligned with workforce, transportation and infrastructure, housing affordability, air quality, water management and the preservation of open space, agriculture and recreation.


Engagement Opportunities

Citizen presenting
Citzen mapping
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