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The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce has a number of committees that are working to engage with our members and the community and to create a lasting influence in the Valley.



Our Public Policy Committee consists of businessmen and women and civic leaders.  They meet on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss current policy issues.  This group serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and recommends to the Board stances it should take on policy issues.  The Public Policy Committee also recommends to the Board of Directors the Chamber’s priorities for each legislative session.



The Ambassadors are the welcoming arm of the Chamber.  They promote new businesses to the public through ribbon cuttings, grand opening celebrations,and create a positive environment for business in Utah Valley Ambassadors handle new member visits, a membership luncheon once a month, and all welcoming activities.



The Valley Visioning Committee provides valley wide direction for growth to protect and enhance business interests and community prosperity.


The Valley Visioning goal is to engage residents and stakeholders in a process that establishes a community-supported vision for growth in Utah County.


The Valley Visioning process will explore potential growth decisions, and at the conclusion of the process, policy makers and leaders will know which goals and planning strategies resonate best with residents and stakeholders as ways to achieve desired outcomes. The vision will act as a voluntary yet powerful framework to underpin future planning and implementation in the county. This framework will benefit from strong momentum and broad, demonstrated support as it is implemented through public, private, nonprofit and partnership activities.



Members of the Education Committee provide effective collaboration between educational institutions and business to protect and enhance business interests and community prosperity.  The Education Committee also works with the school districts in Utah Valley as well as four of the institutions of higher education in the Valley to present the Business and Education Partnership Awards.


Each fall, educational institutions in the valley show appreciation for their business partners who have supported educational efforts by donating cash, providing volunteers as well in-kind donations such as food and printing services.  Representatives from the three county school districts; Alpine, Nebo and Provo and the major universities; BYU, UVU, RMU and MTECH, share how their relationships with local businesses have enhanced the educational opportunities afforded students. Opportunities abound to expand the collaboration of business and education.


In addition to the monthly First Friday Forums, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts four key events during the year:

This committee provides assistance in planning, promotion, and execution of chamber sponsored events that convene business leaders to recognize, network, and influence the Utah Valley Business Community.



The Social Impact Committee provides collaborative opportunities for businesses to contribute to community prosperity and social impact.  With organizations like the Women's Business Network WBN, this group seeks to convene groups with in the business community to influence collaboration among the business community.



This committee provides valley-wide focused messaging, design, and campaigns through digital and print channels to influence, convene, and share that pertains to the activities and services aligned with the chamber strategy.



Our Recruitment and Retention Committee emphasizes the value proposition, service levels, and staff augmentation to assist chamber staff in securing new chamber members and retain existing chamber members.

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