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  • Top 10 Tech Companies in Utah Valley

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    Utah Valley is known as Silicon Slopes for a reason. There is a wide range of cutting-edge tech companies in this innovation hub, and many more are flooding in to get in on the action.


    The best tech companies in Utah Valley develop solutions for many industries, and the one thing that unites these diverse top 10 companies is their spirit of innovation. Here are the best-of-the-best, along with a brief description of what makes them so special.



    Everyone had heard of Adobe and has probably used Adobe products. Many people might not realize how far-reaching Adobe’s products are: think Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. And people outside of Utah Valley might not realize the large presence Adobe has in the area, but they cast a large shadow.



    DigiCert delivers premier internet security solutions and is an industry leader. Founded in 2003 to streamline the SSL certification process, DigiCert reflects the practical innovation of tech companies in Utah Valley.



    This marketing agency helps build brands that cannot be ignored. EKR prides itself on creative solutions to all kinds of branding needs and is a Utah Valley original.



    An original tech company in Utah Valley, Fibernet traces its roots back to 1994. It offers internet security solutions, hosting, and much more.


    IM Flash

    You can find IM Flash products in devices you use every day. From Utah Valley to practically everywhere, their memory products can be found in phones, tablets, laptops, and more.


    MX Technologies

    The diversity of tech companies in Utah Valley extends to the financial sector as well. MX Technologies produces data solutions for better banking and stronger digital banking.



    Connecting businesses to customers for efficient and meaningful communication is what Podium is all about. Their products make receiving and responding to customer feedback a breeze.



    Even tech-savvy Utah Valley needs IT service and maintenance. RapidFire IT offers a variety of IT service packages, from maintaining networks to backing up data, and more.


    Vivint Solar

    The rise in solar’s popularity and importance is a key element in Utah Valley. Vivint Solar equips homes and businesses with solar and includes long-term warranties and installation.



    Even the building industry is more high tech in Utah Valley. Xactware Solutions provides computer software for all companies involved in estimating building costs, from construction to repairs.


    Innovation loves company. That is what the great tech companies of Utah Valley help provide. With so many industry leaders calling Utah Valley home, the great ideas keep coming. From software designed to solve important challenges for specific industries to IT security anyone can use, the Silicon Slopes help new tech leaders rise to the top.

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