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Air Quality

Utah County’s quality of life is the envy of many. It attracts businesses, helps employers hire top notch talent, and benefits us all. Unfortunately, one factor that negatively affects our quality of life is poor air quality. While air pollution has a real impact on a company’s ability to attract and retain new employees, it can also increase health care costs, place regulatory burdens on businesses, and even put Utah’s federal highway funding at risk.

While we can’t do much about our geography, we can control the choices we make to help decrease the emissions that cause air pollution. The Utah Valley Chamber supports efforts to address air quality issues while minimizing the cost to businesses and, ultimately, consumers. We support efforts to speed up the process of transitioning to tier three fuels. We also support increased transportation funding to improve our transit systems, active transportation infrastructure and last-mile options to reduce mobile emissions and eliminate idling on Utah’s roadways.

Wintertime inversion in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah
pollution from the exhaust of cars in the city in the winter. Smoke from cars on a cold winter day
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